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杭州风情小镇 app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 710 ratings )
Entertainment Book
Developer: HengTian
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 Apr 2012
App size: 14.92 Mb

让我们暂别快节奏的都市生活, 一起躲进“江南小镇”:古老的石桥, 静谧的河水, 悠哉游哉的乌篷船, 淳朴的民风, 独特的小吃……一边走一边陶醉, 心也被涤荡地分外清澈。
这是“小镇梦”, 不要你来倾听, 只要你在那里, 就会被它吸引。江南的万种风情像一壶馥郁芬芳的醇酒, 引人沉醉。在梦中, 迎接那丰富的自然资源和深厚的历史文化底蕴带来的片刻“放纵”, 用心来体味江南小镇的“风情”, 洗净铅华, 悠然尽享。

English abstract:
In southeast China there is a piece of land full of legend. A picturesque landscape of nature with heritage villages and ancient towns hundreds of years old, traditional products and local snacks are attractive elements that bring renown to the city of Hangzhou, a former capital city of China. This Chinese version of eBook is co-produced by the Zhejiang Channel of People’s Daily Online and to Insigma Hengtian Software Limited.